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About the Firm

Established in 1994, The Law Offices of John Einreinhofer have successfully handled cases ranging from matters of personal injury and wrongful death to matters of sexual harassment.  With a reputation for personal attention and a willingness to go to trial if the case cannot be fairly settled, The Law Offices of John Einreinhofer provides clients with exceptional legal service.


Since the beginning,  John Einreinhofer has remained the sole proprietor of the offices,  exclusively representing victims of injuries and employment discrimination. John Einreinhofer has worked on every case personally.  This is in contrast to firms and lawyers who have had a virtual merry go round of name changes, partners and associates coming and going, and pawning important cases off on "rookie" lawyers and even paralegals and law firms "who work both sides of the fence" representing insurance companies and corporations against injured people, then claiming they are firms who represent victims.  Injured people should also be wary of any stranger who attempts to steer their case to a particular lawyer after an accident.

Injured parties are also best served by lawyers who have actually gone to trial on behalf of injured people.  Even though most cases settled, leverage is gained by having a lawyer working on your behalf who has actually tried cases.  With the popularity of mediation over the last ten years, there is an entire generation of lawyers with little, if any, experience trying cases for injured victims, yet are advertising for those same cases.


John handles a deliberately small case load at The Law Offices of John Einreinhofer to ensure that clients receive the personal and individualized attention they deserve.  Clients only deal with a highly qualified and experienced attorney and can expect satisfying and exceptional results.


John Einreinhofer is currently accepting new clients and attorney referrals.

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