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Practice Focus and Expertise

Established in 1994, The Law Offices of John Einreinhofer have successfully handled cases ranging from matters of personal injury and wrongful death to matters of sexual harassment.  With a reputation for personal attention and a willingness to go to trial if the case cannot be fairly settled, the firm provides clients with exceptional legal service.


The Law Offices of John Einreinhofer handles a deliberately small case load to ensure that clients receive the personal and individualized attention they deserve.  Clients only deal with a highly qualified and experienced attorney.  The result is a satisfying experience for every client.The firm is currently accepting new clients and attorney referrals.


Practice areas of expertise:



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Personal Injury


The Law Offices of John Einreinhofer are experienced in handling cases of personal injury. This includes matters of:


  • Automobile accidents

  • Work related injuries

  • Commercial truck accidents

  • Head injuries

  • Medical malpractice


A personal injury occurs when a person has suffered some form of injury, either physical or psychological, as the result of an accident.

If you or someone you know has been injured by another, you should take immediate action.  Time is often critical in these situations.  John Einreinhofer is an experienced personal injury attorney.  He can help to determine if legal causation exists for a lawsuit to be filed.  John Einreinhofer can protect your interests, and take quick action when necessary.


John Einreinhofer has had extensive experience working with matters of personal injury and getting his clients the results they deserve.  He is a hard-working fighter who will not be intimidated and make sure your interests are protected.  John Einreinhofer has a proven record of satisfactory outcomes for his clients.  Often it is important for victims of personal injury to take quick action, so contact John Einreinhofer now to make sure your interests are protected in your personal injury case.


When one has been injured due to another person’s negligence, either physically and/or emotionally, it may be possible to file a personal injury lawsuit.  The goal of filing such a lawsuit is to determine who is responsible for the injury in question.  Those found responsible for the injury are subject to compensating the injured.


The most common type of personal injury claims are road traffic accidents, accidents at work, tripping accidents, wrongful death, accidents in the home, holiday accidents assault claims, defective products, sexual assault and trucking accidents.


Indeed, there are a multitude of types of accidents and the term personal injury also incorporates medical and dental accidents (which lead to numerous medical and dental negligence claims every year) and conditions which are often classified as industrial disease cases.


Industrial disease type cases include asbestosis and mesothelioma, chest diseases (e.g. emphysema, pneumoconiosis, silicosis, chronic bronchitis, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and chronic obstructive airways disease), vibration white finger, occupational deafness, occupational stress, contact dermatitis, and repetitive strain injury cases.


When the accident was the fault of someone else, the injured party may be entitled to monetary compensation from the person whose negligent conduct caused the injury.  Compensation may include lost and future wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering compensation.  In some cases, consortium damages may be awarded, which is compensation for the loved one(s) of an injured.  Compensation may also be awarded due to loss of ability to take part in or enjoy activities once participated in by the injured, such as sports or hobbies.


If a person knowingly engages in an activity that is hazardous and may cause an injury, the law says they assumed the risk of injury and a defendant would be found not liable.  Contact John Einreinhofer, an experienced personal injury attorney, to find out if you may have a legitimate case.


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  • Spinal cord injuries

  • Railroad accidents

  • ATV accidents

  • Night time vehicle accidents

Sexual Harassment and Employment Law


The Law Offices of John Einreinhofer have had a great rate of success when litigating employment law and sexual harassment cases.  John Einreinhofer is an experienced attorney in the areas of employment law, including sexual harassment.  He will fight to make sure your rights are protected and work hard to make sure violations are legally vindicated.


Matters of employment law and sexual harassment are extremely time sensitive.  If you feel you have been the victim of discrimination, sexual harassment or any other employment law infractions, contact John Einreinhofer immediately.  He can act fast to protect your rights and fight hard to get you justice.


Federal and West Virginia state laws prohibit an employer from discriminating against employees on many grounds including race, national origin, gender and religion.  It is also illegal for an employer to refuse to hire, discipline, fire, deny training, fail to promote, pay less or demote, or harass on the basis of their race, national origin, gender or religion.


There are two types of sexual harassment: “quid pro quo” and “hostile work environment.”  Quid pro quo occurs when a supervisor or someone in a position of authority requests sexual favors in exchange for not firing or punishing the employee in some fashion.  Hostile work environment occurs when there is the presence of demeaning sexual photographs, jokes or threats that create an intimidating and offensive work environment.


If you feel you may be the victim of discrimination or sexual harassment, immediately contact John Einreinhofer for a free consultation.  Time is crucial in these types of cases.

John Einreinhofer has extensive experience in matters of employment law and sexual harassment in West Virginia.  He has successfully tried large cases with significant damages and awards for plaintiffs.  Do not hesitate to contact John Einreinhofer if you feel you have been the victim of employment discrimination or sexual harassment.  John Einreinhofer will fight hard to get the results and justice you deserve.


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Insurance Bad Faith


The Law Offices of John Einreinhofer have successfully prosecuted cases involving insurance bad faith.  If you feel you have been the victim of insurance bad faith, call me immediately.  I can help to decide if you matter has legal causation and requires the filing of a lawsuit.


Insurance bad faith is when an insurance company does not hold up its obligations to a policyholder as it relates to when a claim is made on an insurance policy.  John Einreinhofer has experience with insurance bad faith cases, and can help you to resolve matters related to them.

Some examples of bad faith on the part of an insurance company include:


  • Undue delay in handling claims

  • Inadequate investigation into claims

  • Refusal to defend a lawsuit

  • Threats against an insured

  • Refusing to make a reasonable settlement offer

  • Making unreasonable interpretations of an 
    insurance policy

  • Not paying a claim they are legally obligated to pay


If you believe any of these are happening to you, contact The Law Offices of John Einreinhofer.  John Einreinhofer is an experienced insurance bad faith attorney, and will fight hard to get you the results you deserve.


It is viewed by the courts that due to the special relationship between an insurance company and the insured that the insurance companies must act in good faith towards their policyholders.  Even if an insurance company is not acting in a fraudulent manner, but is still operating in a fashion that is preventing the insured from having their claims handled properly, they may be engaging in bad faith.


As well, in some cases of bad faith, punitive damages may be awarded to the insured.  This can occur when an insurance company’s handling of a claim results in further loss or damage to the insured.


An example of an insurance company acting in bad faith would be if a family member has died, and the deceased had a life insurance policy.   If the family believes that the cause was natural death, and the insurance company claims it was suicide and will not properly investigate the matter, this may be considered a case of bad faith.


Another example of an insurance company acting in bad faith would be in the event of an auto accident or a natural disaster, the insurance company was not willing to pay a claim in a reasonable amount of time, which could cost the insured more in damages due to inability to continue their life as normal, i.e. – without shelter or transportation.


There are many situations that arise that may be considered insurance bad faith.  If you feel you may be confronted with one, immediately contact John Einreinhofer, an experienced insurance bad faith attorney.  He can help you determine if you have a potential lawsuit against your insurance company.


John Einreinhofer has experience fighting to protect the rights of insured persons against their insurance companies.  Don’t let the insurance companies take advantage of you or deny your credible claim. 


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Wrongful Death


The Law Offices of John Einreinhofer have extensive experience in dealing with wrongful death cases.  John Einreinhofer has taken wrongful death cases to trial and gotten satisfactory results for his clients.  John Einreinhofer is a tough attorney who will fight on your behalf to get the results you deserve in your wrongful death suit.

John Einreinhofer has helped clients and their families receive substantial awards in their wrongful death lawsuits.  If you feel you have a claim over the wrongful death of a loved one or family member, contact John Einreinhofer immediately to discuss your case.  He will be able to determine if you have grounds to file a lawsuit.  He is an experienced personal injury attorney who will help you in your legal matters.

Wrongful death is a civil action claim that is brought forth by close family members against a defendant who can be held liable for a death.  The standard of proof for a wrongful death claim is typically preponderance of the evidence, as opposed to clear and convincing or beyond a reasonable doubt.

Certain conditions must be met in filing a wrongful death lawsuit.  The death must have been caused, totally or in part, by a defendant’s conduct, even though there was no direct intention to kill the victim.   As well, the defendant must be deemed negligent or strictly liable for the victim’s death.  The deceased in the case must also have a dependant party, such as a family member, who have suffered via emotional and financial damages as a result of the death.

There are many situations that may be grounds for a wrongful death claim.  Some examples include an automobile accident, an airplane accident, death during a supervised activity, occupational exposure to hazardous conditions and/or substances, and medical malpractice.

If you feel that a loved one has been a victim of a wrongful death, do not hesitate to call John Einreinhofer.  He will help you to determine if you have a claim, and can act quickly if necessary to help you get the results you deserve.  John Einreinhofer has experience in handling matters of wrongful death and will work hard to make sure you are satisfied in the handling of your legal needs.


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Medical Malpractice


The Law Offices of John Einreinhofer are experienced in litigation on behalf of plaintiffs in medical malpractice claims.  John Einreinhofer is very knowledgeable about medical malpractice, and if you feel you may have been the victim of medical malpractice, call John Einreinhofer immediately to assess your case.

The Law Offices of John Einreinhofer have helped their clients receive satisfactory results in jury trials, and substantial awards for their damages.  John Einreinhofer will fight for you and help you receive the results you deserve.  When the actions of a health professional have caused you physical and emotional damage unduly, call John Einreinhofer to help you get justice.

Medical malpractice is an act or omission by a health care provider that deviates from the accepted standards of practice in the medical community and causes injury to the patient.  It is negligence on the part of a professional, namely a healthcare provider, that causes an injury, permanent damage, or even death to the patient.

There are four standards which must be met in order for a medical malpractice case to be successfully brought against a healthcare provider.  

The first standard is that there must be a duty owed, meaning that there is a legal duty charged to a healthcare provider or organization when providing care or treatment to a patient.  

The second standard is that there must have been a breach of duty, or that the provider failed to conform to the relevant standard of care.  Expert witnesses provide testimony as to whether the proper standards were undertaken if the error is not obvious.

The third standard is that the breach of duty caused an injury.  This simply means that there was actual injury to a patient while under the care of a healthcare provider.

And the fourth standard is that there were damages that were caused by the injury.  These can be pecuniary, meaning monetary or financial, or emotional damages.  Without damages, there is no basis for a claim by the patient against the healthcare provider.

Damages can be from a variety of sources.  In the matter of compensatory damages, they can be of either an economic or non-economic nature.  Economic damages can include lost wages, medical care expenses and life care expenses, all of which can be assessed for the present and future.  Non-economic damages generally refer to the injury itself, for example the loss of hearing or the loss of a limb, the reduced enjoyment of life and emotional distress.  Punitive damages will only be awarded when there is clearly wanton and reckless conduct on the part of a healthcare provider.

Virtually all types of healthcare providers can have medical malpractice cases brought against them.  This includes doctors, nurses, dentists, physician assistants, therapists, chiropractors, and psychologists.  In same cases, lawsuits can be filed against hospitals, clinics, medical corporations, and managed care organizations for negligence committed by their employees. 

If you feel that a healthcare provider has been negligent in their actions and that this action has left you with an injury and other damages, do not hesitate to contact John Einreinhofer.  He will help you to assess your situation, and can act quickly to help protect your interests and get you the justice you deserve.


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